Leaders of both alliances claim their victory in Kathmandu-10

Published on: Sun, Nov 5th, 2017 By Diwas Pokhrel

5 Nov.Kathmandu (RSS): Two candidates from Kathmandu Constituency-10 have claimed their victory while speaking from a same stage on Sunday in the capital.

Minister for Youth and Sports Rajan Kumar KC said that democratic alliance should win the upcoming polls for the country’s prosperity.

During an interaction programme organized by the Reporters Club, Minister KC said that country’s development was possible from the victory of Nepali Congress. KC is the candidate of Nepali Congress from Kathmandu Constituency-10.
He also claimed that democratic alliance led by the NC would get majority due to NC’s contribution to the nation building.

Likewise, common candidate of left alliance in Kathmandu Constituency-10 and Maoist Centre leader Hit Man Shakya said that left alliance was forged to end the political instability in the country.

Left alliance can give a stable government for the country, Shakya said.
He also added that people would make him victorious due to his political experiences and expertises. “I have never lost since I started my political journey and I will not lose this time as well,” Shakya claimed.

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